How Coworking Can Improve Work-Life Balance


By Joshua Riley

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 92% of workers spend at least 1 day per week working remotely. While remote work allows workers flexibility and independence, many struggle to maintain their happiness and mental health while working alone. Coworking aims to solve this problem and can greatly improve the work-life balance of remote workers and freelancers.

While remote work provided security and safety during the pandemic, its impacts on your work-life balance may be a detriment to your physical health. Joining a coworking community removes those at-home distractions that may be causing career stagnation, and that can often result in unfocused schedules and long working hours. These benefits will improve your work-life balance, including multiple aspects of personal life, such as physical health, productivity, career advancement, and mental capabilities

Why Choose Coworking Over Remote Work?

Coworking allows remote workers to maintain a flexible work schedule while utilizing a space that encourages productivity as opposed to workplace competitiveness. These coworking spaces also promote structured schedules that improve work-life balance as opposed to remote work’s flexibility. 

Coworking also improves remote workers’ social and mental health. Remote work promotes isolation and independence, the isolation that can result in feelings of loneliness and separation—around two-thirds of professionals polled reported feeling more creative and collaborative at their jobs when working out of shared office spaces.

So if you’re still more than comfortable with remote work, know that there are many reasons to choose coworking instead. Our coworking spaces have dedicated office management staff that can solve many technological problems that may arise during the workday. In addition to staff, the coworkers actively enjoying our spaces promote collaboration and problem-solving, allowing you to build relationships and partnerships with other coworkers.

Our coworking spaces are convivial and active, promoting camaraderie that is unfounded in competitive work environments and working remotely. The community found and encouraged in coworking spaces allows workers to socialize and befriend one another. Community found in shared workspaces also promotes productive downtime and influences positive social learning, teaching workers how to communicate their ideas best.

Coworking will improve your work-life balance by providing you with a consistent schedule, access to community resources and interaction, and by providing a safe, secure, and productive workplace. Spaces like TractionSpace seek to bring together the benefits of remote work and in-office work, and are proven to do so without many of the downsides that naturally follow. So consider choosing a coworking space the next time you’re working from home!

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