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How All Types of People Can Find Joy in Our Spaces!

By Joshua Riley

The rise of remote work has given many people the flexibility and structure once craved working in the office. Many companies have abandoned real estate entirely, providing employees with the resources needed to work fully remotely and disrupting the work-life balance for many types of people. This has left workers in search of a necessary third place, a term coined by sociologists to represent the places spent between home and work. TractionSpace combines these to create an environment that can be enjoyed by all types of users! We provide an array of benefits for introverted people seeking privacy, flexible people in search of open-ended creativity, and independent workers looking to restructure their lives.

Extraverts will find much to love about TractionSpace, where our coworking spaces put you in proximity with other people every day, all day long! Outgoing individuals will also enjoy our many meeting rooms, allowing users to gather others quickly and easily for social interaction and brainstorming. Coworking spaces improve and encourage brainstorming, saving you time and providing both structure and freedom.

As a unique third place, TractionSpace balances the systemic flow of the workplace and the endless boundaries of remote work. Many people find themselves distracted working from home, and according to a survey by OWL Labs the structured environment of coworking spaces increased productivity for over 20% of workers compared to remote work. This is without sacrificing the natural flexibility of remote work, giving users many options for brain breaks and mental recharging, alongside 24/7 access to fully create their own schedules. 

TractionSpace’s efficient design provides coworkers with privacy and social support, improving work-life balance for all types of people. Many introverts will prefer an office with walls, TractionSpace also offers day office usage and private office space.

A sense of flexibility is a benefit to introverted and extroverted workers. Introverted people have access to a third place at their own discretion, improving time management. Extroverted people will find many additional benefits to coworking spaces, such as community and social interaction. At TractionSpace, social outings and networking events are regularly hosted, encouraging workers to connect with the community of Tacoma.

Any person interested in coworking, social butterflies and homebodies, should find community and productivity in TractionSpace. We provide a diverse range of benefits, suitable for organized or free-willed individuals looking to improve their work-life balance.

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