Our Mission

TractionSpacecultivates a vibrant and inclusive work community within easily-accessible locations. We are intentionally designed to help our members grow their business and enjoy their work experience. We provide a safe, well-managed environment that caters to the unique needs of our members and enables high productivity, creativity, business networking, and the ability to learn and grow professionally. Our community will provide the unique point of traction that helps members move past barriers and into business and personal growth.


Our Philosophy

Our founders come from large companies with robust professional development programs and were disappointed by the isolation small companies face when trying to launch their own ventures. Propelled by a desire to invest in the next generation of innovators, we want to bring the personal development, continuous learning and networking-focused environments typical in large companies to smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers that don’t have access to or can’t afford to create this competitive advantage on their own. We believe that our members should be able to consume rich content and events that help their businesses grow and gain market traction as part of their monthly membership plan. Learn more about our offerings by booking a tour today! 

Our Team

Don Morrison

Founder & CEO

Rick Fichera


Steve Buhaly


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We are a mentorship and digital content hub that fosters new and existing businesses. We rent offices, desks, and hot desks on flexible terms at affordable prices.