Updated Health Policy
Effective 5/27

We want to provide you with a comfortable but safe workplace. Recovery from the pandemic is progressing. As a result, we have updated guidance as follows:

Updates: Masks are optional for vaccinated members asking for unvaccinated members in common areas is still required unless at a workstation. Social distancing will not be enforced but is recommended. Shaking hands for those vaccinated is encouraged!

Continuing Guidance: Stay home if you’re feeling sick or have a temperature of 99.5 or moreWash your hands regularlyCover your cough/sneezesWipe down common areas after use
Health & Safety

We support our members and we are one step ahead on keeping our space healthy and safe.

TractionSpace Covid-19 Response

Even before the COVID-19 crises hygiene and cleanliness were a key part of our operating philosophy. Now, in addition to operating one of the cleanest workspaces in town we are also one of the most hygienic.

Our cleaning protocol
We are committed to running a clean and healthy space. Our janitorial crew deep cleans and disinfects on a regular basis. Plus our staff augments this with regular wipe downs of common areas with a bleach-based cleaning solution; this is done at least three times per day.

CDC guidelines for workplaces
We adhere to CDC guidance for businesses and go further, where we feel it is necessary, to maintain a healthy workplace. We adhere to guidance for social distancing but also add check-in policies to limit the number of people in the building at any one time and screen for symptomatic individuals to deny their entry.

Hand washing and sanitization

Clean hands and clean surfaces are our goals. We encourage soap and water washing of hands a minimum of every two hours. We encourage hand sanitization as needed. Our 11 running water handwashing stations and numerous hand sanitization stations make it easy to have clean hands at Traction Space.

In space hygiene policy
We want to maintain a healthy work environment for all our members and ask that everyone in our spaces follow these rules:

  • Please check-in at the front desk before entering the workspace.
  • If you are symptomatic please do not enter our workspace. (Please discuss allergy symptoms with us in advance).
  • Please cover your cough and sneezes. Use the crook of your arm when possible.
  • For the foreseeable future, please no handshaking, hugging or physical closeness unless agreed upon in advance by the other party.
  • Please social distance with a recommended 6 ft between individuals. This includes selecting seating in the FlexSpace areas.
  • We limit the total building capacity to 60 people at anyone time. We will limit entry as we reach this number.
  • Gatherings should be kept small with enough room to social distance.
  • Please wash your hands regularly.
  • Clean up and spray down after yourself.
  • We require a mask in common areas.

Social Distancing
We practice 6ft of social distancing in our space whenever possible. Our space is large enough that this should not be a problem. Please avoid areas that are becoming congested or politely ask individuals to respect your space.

Managed Capacity
We manage the number of people in our space at any one time and may have to limit entry. Our capacity engineering sets a target of 1 person for every 250 SF of space so that social distancing should never be a problem. Currently, we are limiting the building capacity to 60 people at one time.

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