Market Street
Podacast Studio

Fully Equipped Podcast Studio

TractionSpace’s Market Street Podcast Studio is perfect for intimate meetings and brainstorming sessions. It is equipped with a whiteboard and a conference phone. Our podcast studios are professional grade! They’re set up and equipped to allow you to start with just an idea, record your in-session creative and then edit/mix content on site so you can walk out with the final product. And if you want to skip the editing you can live stream using our 1GB of WiFi delivered internet or directly connect to a ethernet port for even faster throughput.

Audio Technica Microphones​
Mixer – Zoom L12
High -Quality Sound

Our acoustically treated recording spaces are the perfect way to get the best of your next podcast.

Podcast membership

A more affordable way to purchase blocks of podcast studio time.

*Includes use of mixing board, professional microphones and SD card.

* TractionSpace members receive a 40% discount for all conference room bookings.

Also includes:

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