TwoFold Spaces Covid safe products

Our Space Reinvented

We made available Twofold Spaces COVID safe product line. Their customizable designs make it easy to maximize your space and shield against COVID-19. Now available as an option at TractionSpace.

Micro Plaza

The Micro Plaza creates a lightweight pop-up space that dampens sound and complements the ability to focus. Easy to set up, tear down and move, it is the perfect solution at home or at work. Supports a flexible, socially distanced workspace for offices reopening during COVID-19.

Space Makers

Featuring a slim profile felt on light footprints, the Space Maker delineates space and offers separation where needed to address privacy and safety concerns. A strong barrier for employees returning to work during COVID-19, allowing for social distancing and privacy.

Safer work area

Options Available at TractionSpace

Individual work area

Micro Plaza

Micro Plaza provides privacy and dampens sound allowing users to focus. Two handy magnetic whiteboards integrated into the walls have a durable powder coat finish. PET felt walls have excellent acoustic properties, are tackable, cleanable and customizable with 20 colors and custom printing. Easy to set up, tear down and move. The perfectly simple solution for defining space in an open office or in the home

Our dedicated desks are the most private and hygienic around. The Micro Plaza is a safe and private work pod that dampens noise, increases privacy and blocks particulates–the ultimate in work safety! The Space Makers barriers offer sound dampening walls and particulate barriers giving you three walls to protect your space but an open ceiling to still feel connected to the community.

Professional workspace with social distancing
private dedicated desk

Individual work area

Space Makers

The Space Maker collection focuses on providing privacy, sound dampening, and safe division of open space. Born out of necessity as we returned to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, we designed products that can quickly renovate an existing office space in an efficient, lightweight, and colorful way. The baseline of
the collection is PET felt, which acts as a sound dampener, pin board, and fully cleanable surface, and is available in 20 colors or a custom print. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

Twofold Spaces products are available as additional monthly charge to your membership

Yes! We can work with you on design and set up and deploy Twofold Spaces products into your space.

Please see Cumorah Branham and we’ll provide you with a price or quote