Even before the COVID 19 crises hygiene and cleanliness were a key part of our operating philosophy.  Now, in addition to operating one of the cleanest workspaces in town we are also one of the most hygienic.

Our cleaning protocol

We are committed to running a clean and healthy space.  Our janitorial crew deep cleans and disinfects on a regular basis.  Plus our staff augments this with regular wipe downs of common areas with a bleach-based cleaning solution; this is done at least three times per day.

CDC Guidelines for workplaces

We adhere to CDC guidance for businesses and go further, where we feel it is necessary, to maintain a healthy workplace.  We adhere to guidance for social distancing but also add check-in policies to limit the number of people in the building at any one time and screen for symptomatic individuals to deny their entry.

CDC Guidance to Businesses for COVID-19

Hand washing and sanitization

Clean hands and clean surfaces are our goals.  We encourage soap and water washing of hands a minimum of every two hours.  We encourage hand sanitization as needed.  Our 11 running water handwashing stations and numerous hand sanitization stations make it easy to have clean hands at Traction Space.

In space hygiene policy

We want to maintain a healthy work environment for all our members and ask that everyone in our spaces follow these rules:

  • Please check-in at the front desk before entering the workspace.

  • If you are symptomatic please do not enter our workspace.  (Please discuss allergy symptoms with us in advance)

  • Please cover your cough and sneezes.  Use the crook of your arm when possible

  • For the foreseeable future, please no handshaking, hugging or physical closeness unless agreed upon in advance by the other party.

  • Please social distance with a recommended 6 ft between individuals.  This includes selecting seating in the FlexSpace areas

  • We limit the total building capacity to 60 people at anyone time.  We will limit entry as we reach this number.

  • Gathering should be kept small with enough room to social distance.

  • Please wash your hands regularly

  • Clean up and spray down after yourself.

  • We encourage the use of a mask but do not require it at this time

Social Distancing

We practice 6ft of social distancing in our space whenever possible.  Our space is large enough that this should not be a problem.  Please avoid areas that are becoming congested or politely ask individuals to respect your space.

Managed Capacity

We manage the number of people in our space at any one time and may have to limit entry.  Our capacity engineering sets a target of 1 person for every 250 sf of space so that social distancing should never be a problem.  Currently, we are limiting the building capacity to 60 people at one time.

Meeting Excellence at TractionSpace

Meetings absolutely need to be successful!  They are the single most expensive interaction most companies have on a day to day basis and you can’t afford not to maximize the output.  That’s why at TractionSpace Meeting Excellence is so important.  Whether you’re holding a Board Meeting, a Focus Group, a brainstorming session or just an informal drop in we want to help you meet your objectives with services to make your meeting successful–on-site, on-line OR both!


Spur of the moment meetings are no problem at TractionSpace.  We have drop-in meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour or by the day

Hourly meeting rooms are available starting at $20 plus set up. They can handle 2 people and are equipped with a height adjustable desk, ergonomic chairs and side chair, desk lamp, white board and green screen.  They’re also perfect for video call’s!  Daily rates are $125/day.  Book in advance here.


Meeting facilitation. For meetings that need to be successful or could be contentious there’s nothing better that a professional facilitator.  Their services include meeting planning, agenda development, in-meeting facilitation, conflict management, exercise development and data capture.  All our meeting facilitators are trained meeting professionals.  Rates are $100/hr. plus room rental

Meeting administration: Provides you with an assist to let you focus on leading the meeting instead of taking notes, arranging for coffee and snacks and managing time.  Meeting administrators will source food and drink, distribute materials, take notes, capture actions items and keep you on schedule.  Rates are $40/hour plus room rental


Virtual Meeting Facilitation. Virtual meetings can be cost effective and highly productive—unless no one engages.  There is an art and a science to highly productive virtual meetings especially if they last for more than an hour.  Our virtual meeting facilitators are trained facilitators and can use the features of the video platform you choose to make your meetings interesting, engaging  and, more importantly, productive.  They’re experts at getting everyone involved, reading the room and knowing how to lead the ‘room’ for maximum effectiveness.  Rates are $100/hour.

Virtual Meeting Administration: Provides you with an assist to let you focus on leading the meeting instead of taking notes, managing the chat windows, managing time and distributing materials.  Meeting administrators will provide a welcome, lead a Q and A, take notes, manage the chat window. distribute materials, capture actions items and keep you on schedule.  Rates are $40/hour.

Need a Host? If you don’t have a video hosting platform you can use ours.  We manage subscriptions for Zoom and Teams.  Pricing available upon request.


More and more large, hybrid virtual/on-site meetings are taking the place of the large in-person events of the pre-COVID-19 era.  Global 50 companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Google and others are all moving this direction.  What these meeting lack in personal engagement they make up in cost savings and potentially great new experiences.  Our meeting planners are experts at planning hybrid meetings of all sizes and can work with you to make sure your events are effective, output oriented and provide a great experience for your attendees.  Our event planners are seasoned pros and can lead your event teams or augment a missing skill set.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.