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Tacoma is a small business town and, as a mentor, you can help our business community be more successful–one business at a time. This is meaningful work that can make a big difference in the community. Almost all great careers and businesses have one thing in common; they received memorable guidance or insight from a mentor. Looking outside of yourself to find answers can yield deep insight, perspective or simply someone to talk through a problem. At TractionSpace we believe that mentorship is the traction that can propel you forward on the road to success.

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What are the requirements?

All we ask from our mentors is to be available to your assigned business for up to 2 hours per month. And you can do this in person or virtually – whatever works best for you! We ask  that you research the company you’re mentoring and be prepared for your sessions. That said we DO NOT require any project or homework from you at all – just informed discussions that leverage your experience and expertise and provide needed insight to your company.

Do I Qualify to become a mentor?

We ask all of our mentors to have at least 10 years of business experience. In addition, we ask that they have either an area of expertise or a proven track record of success. You’ll know if you’d be a good mentor.

benefits of being a mentor

Be Part Of The Network That's Developing The South Sound

We're passionate about the South Sound and often partner with the City of Tacoma or the University of Washington Tacoma on local issues.

Free Flexspace membership

For the time you are a mentor you have access to our space, a hot desk, member discounts and access to all our virtual content. We'll also set you up to access our membership base with bespoke webinars or e-blasts.

Warm Introductions To TractionSpace Networks

As appropriate, we'll make warm introductions to TractionSpace networks.

Feature your profile

You profile will be featured on our mentor page and an introduction on our LinkedIn page.

Advertising Access

You are welcome to leverage our website and profile pages to place your advertising.

Giving Back

For each mentor you take on we donate to local Tacoma causes through our Donor Advised Fund.

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